2018 50 Mile Canoe Trek

Tentatively August 4th - 8th.  Trip of a Lifetime!!

We'll be putting the canoes in just below the Hoover Dam, and canoe through Black Canyon, across Lake Mojave, and will end at Cottonwood Cove.
This is a High adventure trip through the Nevada and Arizona desert wilderness, all participants must pass the Swim Test and have parts A/B/C Medical forms.

No first-year Scouts allowed. (Sorry, this is a high adventure trip in a remote backcountry, not to be underestimated)  

The estimated cost for this trip is about $200each for the River Permit, Canoe/paddle/lifejacket rental, 580 miles of vehicle gas, and food for the week.  15yrs old and younger have a $10 discount on the permit.  Dry bag rentals if you don't own one are about $5 each.  We'll fine-tune the cost once we get this year's rental fees and the patrol menus will determine the food costs.

River regulations are that only two groups of 15 watercraft can enter below Hoover Dam each day.  This means we'll have to reserve our permits early.

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Rough camping locations:  Pre-night camp to get the morning launch slot.  Neat options for camping on the river are near Ringbolt Rapids, near Burro Wash, near Copper Basin Area, near Gold Bug Cove, near Owl Point, near Cottonwood Cove.  Basically paddle and explore all day, and whenever we find a beach or cove in the evening that looks good we pull off the river for the night.  On the last river trip the oldest Scouts were paired with the younger group Scouts to balance the paddle speed and endurance.  Let's have one night camping be pulling up on one of the river islands.

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