April 23 Mt. Baden-Powell Hike

Mt. Baden-Powell, named after the founder of Scouting!
Meet at 6am at the Newhall Presbyterian Church (the early start is so we aren't rushed, and so we get back earlier on a school night)
4 miles up and 4 miles down, summit at 9,406'
Note - This is a challenging uphill hike, all on a trail, and at a high enough elevation to notice the difference in your breathing.
Earn a High Adventure Patch
Bring comfortable hiking clothes, your 10 essentials, a sack lunch, yellow cards, $5 each for gas, and cash for dinner after the hike if you are hungry
Carry lots of water to stay hydrated 2L minimum, but 3L is better

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                                                                    [Troop 609 Scouts climbing Mt. Baden-Powell in 2015]