August 3-6 White Mountain

High Adventure Outing (HAT)

This will be by invitation only to Scouts and Adults who have the most hiking experience, prior elevation acclimatization, and proper ability for this hike.  Note:  To increase seatbelt count for the list of eligible Scouts, we'll also be open to an adult driver parent of one of the hikers if they only want to car camp and not do the peak day hike.

Possibly a Wed night departure to provide an even more relaxing acclimation profile.  Dinner on the road in Mojave.  Car Camp at 10,000' to acclimate.  
Lunch at the famous Copper Top BBQ in Big Pine? (Pricey, but per Yelp, #1 in the country!).  Visit the Ancient Bristlecone forest groves and visitor's center.  Car Camp at 12,000' to acclimate. 
Day hike Mt. Barcroft near the research station (13,040', 5miles r/t) - climb high sleep low.  Car Camp at 12,000' to acclimate.
Day hike White Mountain 14,242', 3rd highest peak in California.  This is a 14 mile hike (early departure) on a dirt road, but due to the high elevation it is a challenge to be respected.  It is a slow hike carrying plenty of water for the day (3-4 liters).  At least it isn't like Langley were we hiked up loose gravel sand.  Car Camp after descent.
If faster than expected, we can move the last night's camp down to a lower elevation to get home earlier Sunday.

Cost:  Probably $52/person.  That covers 610 miles round trip gas if 5 people/vehicle, food for 9 camp/trail meals, and campsite fees.  You'll need personal cash for 3 road meals, and if you want anything at the visitor center.

Must have Part C medical form, yellow cards, car camping gear in duffel bag for easier stowing, proper 10 essentials in day pack.  Road travel in class A uniform shirt.

      [T609 on another 14,000'+ peak across the valley in 2016.   BSA High Adventure Team (HAT) award for this hike.]