Dec 16-18 Death Valley Backpacking Trip (Sat - Mon)

At last year's annual PLC calendar planning meeting the Scouts said they wanted to backpack Death Valley National Park.  So...the adults said, "Ok, but it has to be during winter."

Scenic Marble Canyon to Deadhorse Canyon.  Petroglyphs, neat alternating narrow and wide canyon terrain, out and back (we won't do the full loop).
  • Drive up Saturday morning.  
  • Pick up free permits at the Stovepipe Wells Ranger Station and drive to the Marble Canyon trail head (13 mile dirt road).
  • Backpack into Marble Canyon 5 miles and camp Saturday night at the upper canyon intersection.  Day hike a further 1.5 miles to Deadhorse Canyon to check the seasonal spring.
  • If water, we'll camp and explore two nights in two of the canyons.  If no water, we'll spend one night, return to our cars (which have much water), and camp Sunday night in the desert or in the Panamint Sand Dunes.
  • Drive home Monday.
Sniper Spartans to plan, 6 meals.  Cost TBD ($19ea gas, first night's campsite fee is divided amongst the group, $5ea park entrance fee, trail permits are free).  Also bring cash for food on the road to/from the park.

Adults - Per Death Valley regulations we have to be in groups of 12, camping spaced apart.  This means we need 2 adults for each group of 10 Scouts (and of course enough drivers).

Backpacking in the desert winter can be cold.  Dress warm, plan to carry extra water.

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