Eagle Documents

Congratulations on making it this far!  Now just a little farther along the trail to reach your goal!
Here are useful documents for Life rank Scouts as you complete requirements for the Eagle rank and start to think about an Eagle service project.

Some of the monthly Adult Leader District Roundtables here in Santa Clarita offer an Eagle Preparation Session where you can ask the District Coordinator questions about requirements, Eagle Projects, and other related topics.

Basic Steps:

  1. Complete rank requirements in your handbook and on the Eagle Application form 512-728 (link here)
  2. Have Eagle Project Workbook 512-727 (link here) and Fundraiser pre-approved (signed by Scoutmaster, Committee Chair, Project Beneficiary, District Eagle Coordinator)
  3. Advertise Project to fellow Scouts, Adults, and Friends to get help
  4. LEAD and Complete Eagle Project, Complete Project Workbook Report (signed by Project Beneficiary) , turn in list of service hours to Troop Service Coordinator
  5. Create Eagle binder (Application 512-728, project write-up report 512-727, copies of all rank/merit badge blue cards/award cards, position of responsibility certificates, etc)
  6. Get a printout of your scout awards from the District or Council.  Make sure everything is listed and is accurate and complete!
  7. Scoutmaster conference, final rank requirements signatures in Scout Handbook and on Eagle Application form 512-728
  8. Make a copy of your binder for back-up
  9. Turn in binder copy to Council office
  10. Contact District Eagle Coordinator, or they contact you, to set up Eagle Board of Review
  11. Eagle Board of Review (parents/siblings/Scoutmaster are invited – so give them the date, time, and location).  Full Class A uniform, bring your handbook, bring the letter of ambition as outlined on the Eagle Application form
  12. Pink sheet copy of Board of Review completion given to Troop Advancement Chair who turns it in to Council and purchases the Eagle rank patch
  13. Eagle patch awarded at Troop meeting
  14. Eagle card awarded at standard Court of Honor
  15. Special Eagle Court of Honor just for you to receive full recognition, receive the Eagle ribbon, and show the younger Scouts what to aim for.  The Troop SOP shows what is covered as part of the Eagle Package for the Court of Honor
  16. Engraved name plate added to Troop's Eagle Scout placards in the hallway

Preparing for your Board of Review:
    Binder was turned in, You have agreed on a date/time/location with the Board, You invited your Scoutmaster and Parents, now what?
    Relax, you've made it this far, enjoy your last few days as a Life Scout.
    Reflect on your time in Scouts and what you've gained from it.
    Think about what you want to do in the future.
    Full Class A uniform.  By now you should be able to recite all the basics flawlessly and know what they mean.
Then what?  Continue to be active in the Troop, continue teaching other Scouts, earn Eagle Palms, and when you turn 18 you can become an Old Nag.  Hold your head high for the rest of your life!

So, you are turning 18, but you are still in High School or are hanging out around town after High School for some time and want to stay active with the Troop.

1. Create an online account at www.scouting.org using your Scout ID card number and complete the online Youth Protection Training.  You are now considered an adult.

        Note:  18yrs and older is an adult for the Troop.  21yrs and older is an adult for Order of the Arrow and Venture Crews.

2. Fill out an Adult Application Form.

        a. Have you done the District Scoutmaster Fundamentals Training?  If so, you can sign up as an Assistant Scoutmaster on the form.  Don’t pay anything.  Active (meaning you must help the Troop and be present) Assistant Scoutmaster dues are paid for by the Troop.

        b. If you have not taken the District Scoutmaster Fundamentals Training and you are simply transitioning from Scout to adult helper:  Sign up as a “Unit College Scouter Reserve” on the form.  Pay $24 to the Troop for Council Dues.

Aug 31, 2017, 8:38 PM