*July 21 Deep Sea Fishing

Iron Order Patrol to give details.

SIGN-UPS ARE CLOSED since we reserved spots on the boat - but we had one drop, so let us know if you are interested.
Meet at the church at 10:30am
Ages 16 and older require a valid fishing license, a day license can be purchased on the boat
Bring a few dollars for a tip if you want the deck hands to clean your fish.  (Your parents might appreciate that rather than bringing the whole fish home with you).
Class B shirts, yellow card, sack lunch, sun protection, and maybe a thin jacket in case it gets cool off the coast.

Adult cost is $45, Senior cost is $39, and children's (ages 12 and under) is $25
Tackle rental (reel, rod, etc) is $10
CASH ONLY - Nothing other than cash will be accepted [Marina Del Rey Sportfishing]

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