July 8-9 Short Backpacking Training

Meet 4:00pm Saturday.  Return Sunday morning.

Mini Backpacking Training
For all experience Levels, not many miles.
Local Mountains (Mt. Pinos?)

This is a short overnighter for training and as a pre-requisite for anybody needing a backpacking trip prior to a HAT outing.
Focus skills during the trip:  No Tents.  Being Bear Aware.  Campsite selection.  Dry camping.  Leave No Trace.  Early morning packing, breakfast, and getting back on the trail.

Bring:  Overnight backpacking gear, yellow cards, sack dinner, $6 for gas and breakfast.

Adults and Parents, we might need drivers for this one if a large group signs up.

Sign up HERE.

                 [T609 taking a break backpacking on the PCT]