May 21 Rafting

Being planned by the Rebellion Patrol.  
Day Outing.  No prior experience necessary.  We will raft the Lower Kern River (lower class rapids, no helmet required).
Rental fee covers raft, paddle, life jacket, and shuttle bus from the parking lot to/from the launch site and pullout site.  There will be one raft guide per raft.

Cost will be the rafting company fee, and about $6 each to cover round trip driver gas, and we also purchase the memory stick of their professional photos to share among participants.

Note - All participants (Scouts and adults) must have done the BSA swimmer test within the past 12 months.  The Troop will arrange pool time so that you can pass the swim test prior to the outing.

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        [T609 photos from 2016, Lower Kern (no helmets needed, gently float outside the raft for awhile to cool off, and Upper Kern (helmets and wet suits, bigger rocks)]