*Nov 2-4 Webelos Overnighter

Webelos and Arrow of Light Scouts - Nov 3-4, Sat/Sun, show up Saturday at 9am, we end Sunday morning after breakfast and closing ceremony.  An adult parent or guardian must attend with each Webelos/AOL Scout.  Cost per person TBD (covers food, campsite fee, incidental).

Boy Scouts - Nov 2-4, show up Friday evening at the church at 5pm to load the trailer.  We'll finish right before lunch Sunday after putting gear back in the attic.

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[T609's Webelos Overnighter of 2017.  The Scouts choose a different theme each year with unique and fun events.  Yes, that Webelos is actually flying a snow speeder that they built with lashings deploying a grappling hook line towards an Imperial Walker...  The Webelos are part of the patrols for the weekend for competing and cooking/eating.]
troop609 scoutmaster,
Sep 9, 2018, 2:04 PM