Scoutmaster note

Summer is half gone, but we have one more big outing before school starts - the Colorado River canoe trek.  You’ll notice a navigation theme for the year with many cross-country and off-trail trips planned – deserts, mountains, and rivers.  This is a key skill for Scouts to know.  Patrol Leaders and Patrol Advisors, please keep an eye on the calendar for which troop meetings you are running and which outings you are responsible for helping to plan and communicate.  Let's keep up a great year with much adventure!

We have a great Troop:  Scouts who want to go on outings, learn skills, and advance in rank.  Dedicated leaders to chase after the Scouts.  A dedicated parent committee to support the program.  And a great location in Southern California with access to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, a few National Forests, and that great California coastline.

See you at the meetings and on the trail.

Travel Light, Go Far!

Mr. S
[July 2018]