Scoutmaster note

2018 was an amazing year with a theme of navigation skills in all terrains.  Our outing program had some lifetime memories and accomplishments including two Sierra treks, summiting a few Sierra peaks off-trail, and a four-day canoe trek on our own down the Colorado River in the Arizona and Nevada desert wilderness.

I look forward to 2019 and all it holds with the leadership, accomplishments of rank, learning of skills, outdoor adventure, community service, self-reliance, and camaraderie.  We're off to a good start just having returned from a road trip along Highway 395 camping each night in different BLM areas and exploring some of the local history and geology.

We have a great Troop:  Scouts who want to go on outings, learn skills, and advance in rank.  Dedicated leaders to chase after the Scouts.  A dedicated parent committee to support the program.  And a great location in Southern California with access to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, a few National Forests, and that great California coastline.

See you at the meetings and on the trail.

Travel Light, Go Far!

Mr. S
[Jan 2019]