Scoutmaster note

With Fall came the return to school.  We snuck in some final Sierra Treks.  After a great Summer Camp out on Catalina Island, two groups completed 50 milers this summer, a smaller team climbed the 3rd highest peak in the state, White Mountain, and another team trekked and climbed Cirque Peak.  These were followed by a traditional stop at Frosty Chalet in Lone Pine. Order of the Arrow induction weekend just occurred for this year's candidates.  Patrol Leaders, be sure to collect trip ideas from your Patrol members before September's PLC for next year's calendar.  The annual Council popcorn sales are now starting up as a fundraiser.  If you are close to ranking up, consider completing your requirements soon.  Court of Honor is next month and you need to complete your Board of Review early enough to get in the agenda pamphlet (you can't put it off until the last minute).

We have a great Troop:  Scouts who want to go on outings, learn skills, and advance in rank.  Dedicated leaders to chase after the Scouts.  A dedicated parent committee to support the program.  And a great location in Southern California with access to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, a few National Forests, and that great California coastline.

See you at the meetings and on the trail.

Travel Light, Go Far!

Mr. S
[Sept 2017]