Sept 2-4 Sierra Peaks (some go up Fri eve)

Explore the Golden Trout Wilderness in the Sierra.  Details to be worked out with the Lightning Patrol, but the original proposal is below.
Adults - Interested in signing up for a fun trip over the three-day holiday weekend?  We'd like to have enough adults to have two groups.  This will allow a larger group of Scouts to experience the Sierra and be above 10,000' for the first time (note that the 10,000' threshold is a requirement for later high adventure trips as your skill, ability, and experience grows), summit nearby Trail Peak off the famous Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), as well as allow a smaller team of the more experienced Scouts to summit Cirque Peak which we've gazed at for so many years.  Both groups who hike to either peak earn our local Council's HAT patch.

Cost:  TBD.  It is about 400 miles roundtrip of gas divided up (~$16each), +food for 3 days, +fast food on the road.

Group A Trail Peak, Sat-Mon:  Prerequisites - Hikers must be able to confidently hike about 7 miles round trip with a 1,500' elevation gain.  However, we could also have a few non-hiking adults stay in camp if they want to drive up a car load of Scouts, enjoy the scenery, but not do the hike. Drive up Saturday morning.  Car Camp at Horseshoe Meadow (10,000'). Sunday day hike up to Trail Peak (11,605').  Camp a second night. Monday visit the Eastern Sierra Visitor's Center and the famous Frosty Chalet for lunch in Lone Pine on the way home.  No trail permits required.

Group B Cirque Peak Fri eve-Mon:  Prerequisites - Prior 10,000’+ experience to show that you can safely acclimate.  Drive up Friday night and Car Camp at Horseshoe Meadow.  Saturday backpack up to Chicken Spring Lake on the Cottonwood Pass Trail and camp.  Sunday day hike Cirque Peak, some cross country, (12,900'). Camp a second night on the trail.  Monday follow the PCT downhill and summit Trail Peak (11,605') as we pass by on the way back to Horseshoe Meadow.  This group could also hand off their campsite(s) to the second group driving up Saturday (sites here are first come first serve, pay at the iron ranger).  Trail permits are limited, and forest regulations limit the group size, but we purchased some permits earlier in the year.

Note for first timers:  This is a wonderful campground and trailhead for an introduction to the scenic high country of the Sierra.  Acclimation (allowing your body time to adapt to higher elevations) is important.  Higher elevations are to be planned for and respected.  Hiking is purposely slower, and staying hydrated is important.  Being bear aware and following the bear safety procedures is mandatory.  We have turned around before when weather conditions required not going for a peak.  Safety first.  If we have to turn around due to weather just smile, enjoy the scenery, and the peak will always be there next time.

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             [T609 outings in 2012 and 2014 - Horseshoe Meadow, looking down on Horseshoe Meadow, Cirque Peak in the background above Cottonwood Pass]