*Sept 14th eve-15th HAT Trip

Currently planned as a BSA High Adventure Outing

Ages 14 and older.  (The other September signup page for Sierra backpacking and fishing is open to all ages).

Planning to do the full loop between different passes of Horseshoe Meadow, including Trail Peak and Smatko Peak both, hauling extra water and moving fast because this is a dry trail this time of year.

Meet at the church at 5pm Friday evening.  We'll be back Saturday night so the Scouts can do homework Sunday.
Light car camping overnight gear, yellow cards, travel in Class B shirts, hiking kit with at least 3 liters of water, cash for fast food on the road

Note:  We couldn't get permits for the Vivian Creek trail up San Gorgonio on the weekend we wanted (5,500' vertical elevation gain backpacking).

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  [Troop 609 took a shorter route nearby last year, but with younger Scouts on that trip we couldn't do the peak in the middle of the picture and trek fast enough carrying water through the dry stretches.]