*Sept 14th eve-16th HAT Backpacking San Gorgonio

Currently planned as a BSA High Adventure Outing

Ages 14 and older.  (The other backpacking trip in this same month is open to all ages).

About a 5,500' elevation gain in one weekend!  About 20 miles r/t.
Friday eve through Sunday.  Friday eve backpack up the trail.  Saturday backpack further up the trail, switch to summit packs, day hike to summit and back.  Sunday head out and home.
Maximum allowed group size is 12.  We need to try and get permits.
In honor of a Scout from another Council.

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  [Troop 609 hike in lower terrain in a mountain range a bit to the West - we've hiked Mt San Antonio and San Jacinto, but not San Gorgonio]