Summer Camp 2018

        Where: Camp Fiesta Island
                       1207 Upas Street
                       San Diego, CA 92103
        When: Week 3 / June 17th - June 23rd

        Cost: Scout fee is $509.00

        IMPORTANT - January 30th, 2018 is the last day to drop Scouts from the Fiesta Island roster without incurring a financial penalty. 
        Any Scout signed up for Summer Camp as of January 31st, 2018 will be financially responsible for the full $509.00. This is San-Diego 
        Councilś rule, not Troop 609.

        Payment Schedule for Scouts:

        1. 1/23/18 - 1st payment of $135.00 due to troop 609 Treasurer
        2. 2/20/18 - 2nd payment of $135.00 due to troop 609 Treasurer
        3. 3/27/18 - 3rd payment of $135.00 due to troop 609 Treasurer
        4. 4/27/18 - 4th and final payment of $104.00 due to Troop 609 Treasurer

        Sign up here

        (Note: Adult Leaders who will not be attending the camp itself but are willing to drive scouts there please say so in the note section of the sign-up sheet)