Pictures from our recent adventures/Historian page

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The "trip quote" is from the Troop Historian who talks with fellow Scouts who went on the trip.

Towsley Canyon Loop New Scout Training Hike        Mar 2017
"Quote TBD from Troop Historian"

Sulphur Springs Backpacking - Angeles Nat. Forest  Mar 2017
"The See's Candy Clan"  (Apparently a joke the Scouts had on the trip).

Gaviota to Refugio Coastal Hike                                Mar 2017
"Rough (rugged) trip, but fun and worth it!"

Jupiter Mountain Day Hike                                        Feb 2017
"A roller coaster of a trail!"

Little Tokyo Urban Day Hike                                        Feb 2017
"Live Music, Giant Swords, and Sushi"

Big Bear Snow Camping                                                    Jan 2017
"Smokey says Fire Danger Moderate Today!"

Joshua Tree National Park Backpacking                            Dec 2016
"Cold and windy, but a pretty fun time!"

Sullivan Ridge Day Hike                                                    Dec 2016
"Lions and Taggers and Bears...Oh My!"

Skeet Shooting                                                                 Nov 2016
"Chik Chak Bang... Repeat...Sore Shoulder?"

Webelos Overnighter Hart Park                                           Nov 2016
"It was exciting to teach the Webelos new skills."

Backpacking to Little Jimmy along the PCT                          Oct 2016
"An intuitive experience."  (I don't know either, the Scouts said to say that...)

Leaders of Character Event                                                  Oct 2016
"It was all better than expected!"

Vasquez Rocks Hike and BBQ                                               Oct 2016
"The cave was actually pretty cool"

Santa Cruz Island Camping and Kayaking                            Sept 2016
Also got to meet T609's 1st Eagle Scout!
"The kelp is abundant"

Urban Day Hike to USS Iowa                                                Sept 2016
"The urban art was spectacular!"

El Capitan Beach Coastline Survival Day                              Aug 2016
"Where's the sun?"

Bat Cave and Hollywood Sign                                              Aug 2016
"Nana nana nana nana heat stroke! (Batman TV series theme)"

Sierra Trek 4 Days - Mt. Langley 14,042'                                          July 2016

Summer Camp Mataguay                                                     June 2016
"It was hot, it was dusty, but it was a lot of fun!"
Photos coming soon...

Deep Sea Fishing                                                                                                      June 2016
"A three hour tour... a three hour tour..."

Canoe Trek Colorado River Black Canyon                                                                  June 2016
"This was one of those trips you remember for the rest of your life!"

Lower Kern White Water Rafting                                                                                May 2016
"Lots of fun, and one Scout even rode the rapids outside the raft."

Upper Kern White Water Rafting                                                                                May 2016
"Lots of fun.  Wish the river was even higher."

Memorial Day Flag Placement on Veteran's Graves                                                    May 2016
"Thank You"

Kearsarge Pass Trail Sierra - 10,500' one team to Flower Lake, one to Gilbert Lake    May 2016
"Very cold, but epic mountain scenery!"

Annual District Camporee - Camp Jubilee                                                    April 2016
"Hail and Rain in SoCal?"

Elsmere Canyon Hiking                                                                                April 2016
"Oh Deer, what a view!"

Troop Annual Photo                                                                                    April 2016
What a Great Troop!

Bear Creek Sespe River Wilderness Survival Training
"The mosquitos are feasting, aren't we supposed to be eating them?"           April 2016

Top Out Climbing Gym                                                                                April 2016
"A rocky start, but all was good and uphill from there."

Older events - links-only, to reduce load time for pics above

Death Valley National Park 3 day trip                                                            March 2016
"Majestic expanses, high clearance dirt roads and canyons, craters, dunes...and crossing into Nevada"

Towsley Canyon Loop                                                                                    Mar 2016
"Rolling green hills, a bit of mud, some tar, but we missed the rain."

SCV 17.4 mile Bike Ride                                                                                     Mar 2016
"17 miles including rain, but Panda Express and In-n-Out made it all worth it!"

Mt. Pinos snow backpacking and winter training                                                Feb 2016
"It was pretty cool!"

Rifle Range Day                                                                                                  Feb 2016
"It was a blast!"

Mountain High Snowboarding and Skiing                                                            Jan 2016
"It was pretty chill"

Pismo Beach                                                                                                        Jan 2016
"Hillbillies and fireworks and emus oh my!"

Mojave Desert Trip, Hole in the Wall, Kelso Dunes, Amboy Crater                        Dec 2015
"Sand...sand...and sand"

Sespe Condor Sanctuary, No condors, but plenty of bear scat and night hike with glowsticks     Dec 2015

Webelos Overnighter, Freezing at night, lots of fun by day                                 Nov 2015

Mt. Pinos to Sawmill Mountain, Incredible view, cold and icy on the ground        Nov 2015

Whitaker Peak Hike, Ridge hiking with great views and many bushes                  Nov 2015

Cottonwood Lakes 11,000', scenic and cold Fall backpacking                              Oct 2015

Exploring Tehachapi - Wind turbines, Pacific Crest Trail, Chavez, Train Loop        October 2015

Eastern Sierra Lake Sabrina Trails 11,000' (One team to Piute Lake, One team to Blue Lake)  September 2015

Snorkeling Training                                                                   September 2015

Whitney Portal Camping and Hiking to 10,000'                           August 2015

Middle Lion Los Padres National Forest Camping                                 August 2015

Vasquez Rocks Hike and BBQ                                                                August 2015

Bishop Pass Backpacking up to 12,000', summited Chocolate Peak         July 2015

Summer Camp Chawanakee                                                                     June 2015

Bridge to Nowhere Hike - Cool pools while watching bungee jumpers          May 2015

The Beast Hike - Local training                                                                   May 2015

Sturtevant Falls Backpacking - Amazing canyons, greenery, newts, water       April 2015

Mt Baden Powell Hike - Still some snow!                                        April 2015

Gaviota Campout - Migrating Grey Whales and Hot Spring                 March 2015

SCV City Bike Trip                                                                March 2015

Ski Trip                                                                                   March 2015

First Aid Merit Badge Midway                                                February 2015

Pismo Beach Dune Camping and Hiking                                February 2015

Mountain Bike Trip                                                                  January 2015

Big Cone Backpacking                                                            January 2015

Granada Hills Mission Peak Hike                                            January 2015

Mt. Williamson New Year's Day Hike                                        January 2015

Conor's Eagle Project

Lily Meadows Snow Backpacking                                            December 2014

Webelos Overnighter                                                                November 2014

Forks of the Kern Backpacking with some Turkey Shoot pictures                        November 2014

Santa Cruz Island Trip                                                              September 2014

Sespe to Bear Creek Backpacking                                            August 2014

Jalama Coastline Survival Campout                       July 2014

Coastal Day Hike Gaviota to Refugio            July 2014         Lots of Turns?

Mt. Whitney Trail                                                            June 2014

Mt. Baldy (San Antonio) Hike                                            May 2014

Memorial Day Flag Placement                                          May 2014

Camporee 9 ribbons                                                        May 2014

Throop Peak Hike          There might be a little snow :)        April 2014

Earth Arbor day Festival Service Project                April 2014
Los Padres Zombie Survival Weekend              February 2014

Inspiration Point                                   New Years Day 2014

Indoor Rock Climbing                          February 2014

Carpentaria Beach Campout                   January 2014

Ski Day                                                 January 2014

Little Jimmy Backpacking and Peak Hiking         December 2013             

Webelos Overnighter        November 2013

Backpacking in the Sequoia      September 2013

Blast Car Picnic        August 2013                  "It WAS a "Blast"
Backpacking Cooper Canyon          August 2013      Great Hike      Down and Up  
Summer Camp Whitsett        July 2013
Kern River            June 2013         Hot Weather  Cool Water

Camporee                        May 2013 
Red Rock Mojave Desert                April 2013
Placerita Cleanup and Hike          March 2013

Snow Shoe campout             Feb 2013
Urban Hike to Shuttle                        Jan 2013
Webelos Overnighter              Nov 2012
Ghost Chasing  Santa Barbara        Oct 2012
Sierra Packpacking  Chicken Spring Lake          Sept 2012

Patrick's Eagle Project        August 2012
Kern River White Water Rafting      August 2012
Alex's Eagle Project        July 2012 

Camp Kern  Summer Camp       July 2012 
Palm Springs          June 2012
Bobby's Eagle Court Of Honor      June 2012
Memorial Day Flag Placement      May 2012
Camporee Three Falls             May 2012
Piedras Blancas                         April 2012 
Death Valley                              March 2012

2012 Recruiting Video with SPL and SM        2012

Campout at Los Alamos    Febuary 2012
Custis's Eagle Project      January 2012
Bike Ride     Santa Clarita    January 2012

Big Bear Ski Outing                    January 2012
New Years Day Hike      Inspiration Point     January 2012
Castaic Pioneering weekend        December 2011
Carlin's Eagle Project   First Presbyterian Church    December 2011
Webelos Overnighter    Castaic Lake     November  2011
Patrol Challenge               October 2011
Bridge to Nowhere Hike        September 2011
Turkey Shoot   Oak Tree Gun Club        November 2011
Family Camp        Emma Woods     August 2011 

Punch Bowls         June 2011

Camporee           May 2011

Court of Honor           Spring 2011

Backpacking at Piedra Blanca         April 2011

Turkey shoot       November 2010

Big Bear Snow Sports Merit Badge      March 2011