Merit Badges

List of Merit Badges

Important for Scouts and Parents: Scouting follows a "no 1:1 policy between youth and adults". A counselor does not meet alone with a single Scout, unless it is their own child. Another adult, Scout, friend, etc must be present. This means parents may need to be with their Scout while he meets with a merit badge counselor.

Basic Process: Note - we accept Blue Cards, Scoutbook approvals, electronic Blue Cards or Summer Camp completion records.

1. Get a Blue Card from the Scoutmaster with a signature on the front.

2. Select a Counselor, see the Advancement Chair if you need some names

3. Scouts introduce themselves to the Counselor (no parents calling, no parents emailing - this is a life lesson in communication for the Scout)

4. Complete the merit badge requirements. Wear your Class A uniform, unless the merit badge requires different clothing (welding, swimming, etc). You can follow the worksheet, but ask the Counselor. Some Counselors like you to meet with them first, others want you to complete the worksheet first. Counselor signs your blue card

5. Return blue card to Scoutmaster, who signs it again

6. Blue card goes to Advancement Chair who turns it in to the Council for recording and purchases merit badge

7. You will receive your merit badge and copy of blue card at the next Court of Honor.

Partials: If you cannot complete a merit badge, which often happens at Summer camps, the Counselor may provide a 'partial' blue card which lists the requirements you did complete on the back. Let the Advancement Chair know, and you will be directed to another Counselor so that you can finish the badge.

Keeping your copy of the blue card after the Court of Honor. This is important as it is proof you earned the merit badge, and they are good to place in your Eagle folder years later.

Merit Badge Sashes - These are purchased at the Scout shop and hold merit badges in rows 3 across. Wear these sashes at formal occasions, Courts of Honor, Scoutmaster Conferences, and Board of Reviews.

Eagle Required Merit Badges - See your Scout Handbook rank requirements. These have a silver border. You will need 21 merit badges.

Eagle Palm Merit Badges - See your Scout Handbook rank requirements, or the BSA rank requirements. You will need 5 merit badges, beyond the ones already earned for Eagle. Eagle palms come in Bronze, Gold, and Silver.

Merit Badge Midways - These are events held by the Scout District where many different counselors are in a room for the day. It is great for the quicker badges, meeting counselors, or finishing partials. Call ahead.

Can my father or mother be my merit badge counselor? Yes. Although we urge you to grow and meet and interact with other people, your parent might be a specialized counselor, or they might be instructing an entire group of Scouts and you don't need to be left out.

Adults who want to be a merit badge counselor:

A. Fill out the District merit badge counselor interest form.

B. Take the online Youth Protection Training at

C. Fill out a BSA adult application selecting 'merit badge counselor'

D. Let the Troop Advancement Chair and the Training Chair know

E. There is also periodic in-person training held by the district which is really useful.