Troop Positions

July 1st 2022-December 31st 2022

SPL: NM (but would like to hold elections)


Patrol Patrol Leader Assistant Patrol Leader Patrol Advisor

Venture MA TBD Mr. T

Shadow Fire BC GH Mr. H

Ramen Express ST JG Mr. Mac

Blackbird AAH TBD Mr. Ap

Lightning JF JoK TBD

Unknown LN SH Mr. P

Webmaster: HD

Quartermaster: BQ


Librarian: AAH

Historian: EQ

Bugler (Star/Life only, not for Eagle requirements): JG

Chaplain’s Aide: MA

OA Representative: NM

Outdoor Ethics Guide: LQ

Instructor (Star or higher older Scout):

Positions of Responsibility that report to Scoutmaster and Patrol Advisors:

Junior Assistant Scoutmasters:

Troop Guide: JaK

Den Chiefs (work with packs): DW (Web I), AAH (rank TBD)