Want to join Troop 609?

So what is the process to join? Follow the onboarding checklist below (youth list is different than volunteering parent list).

1. Visit the Troop at any Tuesday night Troop meeting, or join us for our annual Webelos Overnighter campout in November. Please inquire with adult leaders about space in the Troop.

2. Complete the online BSA application, pay online any applicable Council or National dues/fees, and complete the BSA Health Forms.

3. Pay the Troop 609 dues. Even though Webelos are registered for the year in BSA and transfer between units in the system they still pay the Troop dues for the first year because it covers their "New Scout Package" and awards

4. If bridging from Webelos into Boy Scouts let us know so we can be there for your Pack's bridging ceremony.

PS - We would love to have some parent volunteers who enjoy backpacking join and become trained with their Scouts!