Scoutmaster note

Scouts and Leaders, be sure to sign up for outings and events beforehand to allow for easy planning!  The "12 Months of The Beast Trail" conditioning hikes every month this year, back by popular demand, are a great way for Scouts and Adults to keep in trail shape.

Patrol Leaders, be sure to keep an eye on the calendar for your patrol's meeting skills and come prepared with a fun and interactive activity!  You can make the Troop meetings as awesome as you like.

The "Choose Your Own Adventure Day" was a resounding success finding obscure and neat places across the LA-BUR-SFV-SCV areas.  Camporee is just around the corner.

We have a great Troop:  Scouts who want to go on outings, learn skills, and advance in rank.  Dedicated leaders to chase after the Scouts.  A dedicated parent committee to support the program.  And a great location in Southern California with access to the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains, a few National Forests, and that great California coastline.

Travel Light, Go Far!

Mr. So

[April 2024]



  [Some neat troop pictures from just last year in 2023.  So many amazing trips!]